van Doorn family tree

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Interactive tree of Egbert of Wessex King of England

Burhred King of Mercia 874
Athelstan sub-King in Kent Essex Sussex and Surrey 851
Aethelbald of Wessex King of England 831860
Judith de France 844870
Aethelbert King of England 835866
Aelflaed 878918
Edward I “the Elder” King of England 899-925 871924
Aethelfrith Ealdorman 870927
Aethelhelm Earldorman of Wiltshire 859897
Aethelglyth of Mercia
Aethelred I King of England 840871
Arnulf I van Vlaanderen 885965
Adela van Vermandois 910958
Adalolf van Boulogne 933
Alfthryth “Elfrida” of Wessex 872929
Baudouin II “the Balt” Count of Flanders 864918
Eadgifu of Wessex 896951
Charles III “the Simple” King of France 898-823 879929
Eadhild of Wessex 937
Hugues “the Great” Duke of The Franks Comte de Paris 900956
Eadgyth of Wessex 946
Otto I “the Great” Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 912973
Edmund I “the Magnificent” King of England 939-946 921946
Saint Aelgifu 944
Edward I “the Elder” King of England 899-925 871924
Aelflaed 878918
Eadgifu 968
Aethelfled of Wessex 'Lady of the Mercians' 918
Aethelred Ealdorman of the Mercians 912
Ethelgiva of Wessex
Ethelwaerd of Wessex 880922
Alfred “the Great” King of England 849899
Ealswyth 852905
Aethelwulf King of England 795858
Judith de France 844870
Egbert of Wessex King of England 770839
Ealhmund King in Kent 745827
Eafa of Wessex 730
Eoppa 718
Ingild 672718