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Mathilde de BoulogneAge: 41 years11691210

Mathilde de Boulogne
Given names
de Boulogne

Matilda of Flanders

Matilda of Flanders
Given names
of Flanders
Birth about 1169 31 33

Birth of a daughter
Machteld of Brabant

Death of a fatherMatthieu Comte de Boulogne
July 25, 1173 (Age 4 years)
MarriageHendrik I Duke of Brabant 1183-1235View this family
before March 30, 1180 (Age 11 years)

Death of a motherMarie de Blois Comtesse de Boulogne
1182 (Age 13 years)
Death about 1210 (Age 41 years)

Mathilde de Boulogne is great ×20 grandmother of Private.
Family with parents - View this family
Marie de Blois Comtesse de Boulogne is third cousin of Matthieu Comte de Boulogne.
(Common ancestors: Baudouin V Graaf van Vlaanderen 1035-1067 & Adèle de France)
Marriage: about 1160
Divorce: 1169
10 years
Family with Hendrik I Duke of Brabant 1183-1235 - View this family
Mathilde de Boulogne is fifth cousin of Hendrik I Duke of Brabant 1183-1235.
(Common ancestors: Gozelo I “the Great” Duke of Upper-Lorraine, Markgraf of Antwerpen)
Marriage: before March 30, 1180

SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
[S00021] ~Gens Nostra . 1985 page 57 [S00028] ~Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, Fürstliche Häuser . 1961
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
BIOGRAPHY Mathilde was born about 1169, the youngest daughter of Matthieu, comte de Boulogne, and of Marie de Blois, comtesse de Boulogne. Mathilde's parents' marriage was annulled the year she was born. Her mother became a Benedictine nun at St. Austrebert, Montreuil, and she died in 1182. Mathilde's father continued to reign as count of Boulogne until his death in 1173, when his daughter Ida became countess. In 1179, when Mathilde was only nine years old, she married Hendrik I, duke of Brabant, son of Godfried III, duke of Lower-Lorraine, and Margaretha von Limburg. Six of their seven children lived to adulthood and subsequently married and all but Maria would have progeny. Mathilde died about 1210, and was buried at the church of St. Pieter in Leuven; her husband and their daughter Maria were later laid to rest in the church. After her death, Hendrik later married his second wife Marie de France, daughter of Philipp II of France. Hendrik and Marie had two daughters, of whom Elisabeth would have progeny.
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