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St. Ludmilla Heiress of PsovAge: 77 years850927

St. Ludmilla Heiress of Psov
Name prefix
Given names
Name suffix
Heiress of Psov

Ludmila of Bohemia

Ludmila of Bohemia
Given names
of Bohemia
Birth about 850
MarriageBorziwoy I Duke of BohemiaView this family

Birth of a son
Wratislaw I Duke of Bohemia 895-921
about 888 (Age 38 years)

Death of a husbandBorziwoy I Duke of Bohemia
about 894 (Age 44 years)

Marriage of a childWratislaw I Duke of Bohemia 895-921Drahomira von StodarView this family
906 (Age 56 years)

Death of a sonWratislaw I Duke of Bohemia 895-921
February 13, 921 (Age 71 years)

Death September 15, 927 (Age 77 years)

St. Ludmilla Heiress of Psov is great ×31 grandmother of Private.
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SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
Europäische Stammtafeln, Band I, Frank Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 1975, Isenburg, W. K. Prinz von. Page 23
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
REMARKS: Patron of Bohemia
BIOGRAPHY Ludmilla was born about 850, the daughter of Slawibov, prince of Psov (near Melnik in Bohemia). She married Borziwoy I, duke of Bohemia, the founder of the Bohemian dynasty of Premyslid. They had two sons, Spitignew and Wratislaw, of whom the latter would have progeny. In 874 she became a Christian with her husband, consenting to receive baptism from Bishop Methodius. Their efforts to convert Bohemia to Christianity were initially not well received, and they were driven from their country for a time by the pagans. Eventually the couple returned, and ruled for several years before retiring to Tetin, near Beroun. The couple was succeeded by their son Spitignew, who ruled for two years before he died. Spitignew was succeeded by his brother Wratislaw I. When Wratislaw died in 921, his son Wenceslas became the next ruler of Bohemia. It had been mainly Ludmilla who raised her grandson and now acted as regent for him. Wenceslas' mother Drahomira became jealous of Ludmilla's influence over Wenceslas. She had two noblemen murder Ludmilla at Tetin, and Ludmilla's story says that she was strangled with her veil. Initially Saint Ludmilla was buried at St.Michael's at Tetin. Sometime before the year 1100 her remains were removed to the church of St. George at Prague. Saint Ludmilla is venerated as a patroness of Bohemia. Her feast day is celebrated on 18 September. She is considered to be a patron saint of Bohemia, converts, the Czech Republic, duchesses, problems with in-laws, and widows. She was canonised shortly after her death.
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Note: Murder of Saint Ludmila