van Doorn family tree

Eberhard I Margrave of FriaulAge: 51 years815866

Eberhard I Margrave of Friaul
Given names
Eberhard I
Name suffix
Margrave of Friaul
Birth about 815

MarriageGisla de FranceView this family
about 836 (Age 21 years)

Birth of a son
Berengar I Emperor 915-924, Margrave of Friaul
about 840 (Age 25 years)

Death December 16, 866 (Age 51 years)

SourceGenealogics - Leo van de Pas
Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried. 81`
Note: Extensive source. Uses many important and established sources, such as:
BIOGRAPHY Eberhard was born about 815, the son of Unruoch, count of Ternois, and his wife Engeltrude, who may have been a daughter of Beggo of Paris and Alpais. The Frankish duke of Friaul/Friuli from 846, Eberhard was an important political, military and cultural figure in the Carolingian empire during his lifetime. He kept a large library, commissioned works of Latin literature from Lupus Servatus and Sedulius Scottus, and maintained a correspondence with the noted theologians and church leaders Gottschalk, Rabanus Maurus and Hincmar. About 836 Eberhard married Gisla de France, daughter of Emperor Louis I 'the Pious' and his wife Judith. They had at least three children of whom only Berengar I is recorded with progeny. Eberhard died on 16 December 866.